A Rocky Start To Bali

imageThe first stop of our adventure was Bali. Bali is somewhere I have wanted to visit for a few years and I had built up a romanticised vision of it. I’m not saying that it didn’t live up to this vision in any way, but just that I would do some things differently if I were to return.

We had booked a hotel in Sanur for our ten day jaunt. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bali, Sanur is a typical ‘honeymoon’ spot (something we were regularly asked about by the locals). Our hotel was fine, pretty cheap and cheerful which was all we needed. It had a nice pool, good sized room, great shower and was only a fifteen minute walk from the beach.

Outside The Bamboo Bar

We arrived in the evening, severely jet lagged and completely starving so we just ordered room service and prepped ourselves for the following day. The next morning we eagerly headed for the hotel breakfast buffet. This was the first and last time we had breakfast in Bali. After a questionable start, we ambled over to the beach.

Enjoying Dinner On The Beach

Sanur beach is not the best I have ever seen, but it is nice enough. We made our way down the path, dodging crazed scooter drivers as we went, until we hopped onto a couple of sun beds for the remainder of the day and basked in the glorious heat. Whilst walking we spotted numerous luxury resorts and private villas, places we wished we were staying in!

Around halfway down the beach we found a lovely little place called the Bamboo Beach Bar. It was a sort of large tiki hut with fantastic views of the setting sun. We parked ourselves down on some inviting sofas and enjoyed the food, wine and music. We enjoyed it so much that we came back here most nights.

Sunset On Sanur Beach

Overall we enjoyed our time in Bali, but we didn’t LOVE it. I think it’s a tricky place to experience on a budget, as we certainly didn’t find it as cheap as everyone says. We did have a few touristy days and found some beautiful places, but to go back I think we would need to upgrade our choice of hotel (perhaps the Mulia with all the celebs!).

4 thoughts on “A Rocky Start To Bali

  1. I am not quite sure where in Bali this area would be, but did you guys visit Kuta? Although a lot of people say its not nice because its filled with tourist traps we found it perfect for us. We found nice classy dinners for about 300,000 IDR. to very local made tasty foods for 60,000 IDR! and lots of things to do as well.


      1. Gotcha! No we only checked mainland like the touristic spots heheh! However a trip is a must to visit Lombok and the Islands theres just so much available to do! such little time


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