Bali Zoo


We decided to visit Bali Zoo whilst we had the chance. It was a little pricey but we definitely don’t regret our time here.

We paid a bit extra so that we would be able to ride the elephants and it was such a fantastic experience. The elephants are so gorgeous and soft natured, we instantly fell in love with them! After riding around we were able to take a few pictures and stroke them, it’s amazing to see how lovely and playful they are, shooting water about and feeding themselves treats with their trunks. They all seemed content in their environment from what we could see, although I couldn’t help but think that they would be better off if they were free from any zoo, anywhere.

After our unforgettable elephant experience we wandered around the rest of the zoo. Another favourite for us was an orangutan and her two week old baby, the pair were absolutely adorable and we watched them interact with each other for a long time.

All in all we were very glad we made the trip to the zoo, although it is small and a little expensive, elephants are not something we are able to see ordinarily. My only advice would be that you do not order the smoothie for lunch – unless you like it warm and VERY thick!

7 thoughts on “Bali Zoo

  1. Hey lovely, great post! thanks for sharing! i see you’ve recently started up your blog- all the best with it! its an exciting and inspiring world in travel blogging xox


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