5 Great Spots In Melbourne

I’m no expert (given that we only spent a week or so in Melbourne) but here are a few of the best places that we found during our stint in the city. Enjoy!

The Eureka Skydeck

The 108th tallest tower in the world and another great tourist hotspot that we were given vouchers for in our arrival package. Upon getting in the lift on the ground floor, you are whizzed up to the 88th in a matter of seconds! The 88th floor is also called the observation deck, as you can see spectacular views of the city from all angles. We were recommended to go at night to see the city lights at their finest, but instead we went a little before sundown and watched the city transform before our eyes.


Royal Botanic Gardens

Vibrant, luscious, and large. Of all the gardens we visited, these were our favourite. Complete with a rose garden, a few beautiful lakes, and plenty of options for lunch, these gardens are the perfect way to spend a day in Melbourne. We enjoyed a whole afternoon here just reading and taking in the views. You can even opt for a boat ride across one of the glimmering lakes, if that’s what takes your fancy.


Chin Chin

A South-East Asian delight. Before arriving in Melbourne we were strongly advised to visit Chin Chin; though we had no idea what it was all about. We got to the restaurant at around 6pm and had a 30 minute wait before getting through the threshold. Upon arrival we were greeted by a very enthusiastic host who took our name and told us the wait would be around an hour. We were prepared for this, and so should you be if you intend on visiting, it’s extremely popular! Luckily, they have a vibrant gogo bar downstairs for you to enjoy whilst you wait. We had such a nice time with our bottle of bubbly that we would have happily stayed in the bar while longer. When the time did come for us to head up to our table, we were presented with an impressive menu. Most of the dishes here are designed for sharing, so dive on in and take your pick – the butter chicken is divine!

Sorry, I was too busy eating to take any pictures but here is the link to their website!

St Kilda

A short drive outside of Melbourne but well worth the trip. Soon after sundown dozens of small penguins hop up onto the pier and you can watch them waddle about in front of you, so cute! Admittedly, we were only passing through so we weren’t able to see what was on offer during the day time – maybe next time!


SOS Cafe

The ultimate brunch spot in South Yarra. With so many delicious options, I could happily go back every day for the next month just to taste it all! From breakfast smoothies to eggs galore, you can’t go wrong here.


There is still so much of Melbourne to explore, do you have any hot spots to recommend? Please feel free to let me know in the comments! 


5 Great Spots In Melbourne

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