Making Ourselves At Home

After a few days roaming around Melbourne on foot, we were finally able to pick up our car/house/home for the next few months. Our little campervan was everything that we could have hoped for and we were so excited for the memories we knew would be created in it.

We spent our first night in a campsite just outside of Melbourne and got to know our new place. Our little van is marketed as the ‘Chubby Camper’, and it sure was cosy. In the back we had three long cushions which created a queen sized bed. If you removed the middle cushion, you could create a table with benches either side. Our kitchen was in the boot and consisted of a sink, a single gas cooker, and a tropical ice box. Whilst there were plenty of small storage spaces, we had to pop our suitcases on the front seats at night so that we could actually get into bed! I can imagine that for a lot of people the Chubby would be too small for two months of travel, but we absolutely loved every second of it (apart from a few days of solid rain where I was practically clawing at the walls).

On our second day with the camper we were a little unfaithful. We headed over to see a few of Mike’s friends in South Yarra where we abandoned the Chubby and slept in their apartment. They had only recently moved in a few weeks before our arrival, and we all enjoyed a lovely barbecue on their balcony; complete with candlelight and plenty of wine.

The next morning, a little worse for wear, we went for an energy boosting brunch over at SOS Cafe before properly starting our adventure on the Great Ocean Road.


4 thoughts on “Making Ourselves At Home

  1. A great place to start your adventure on the Great Ocean Road, love that part of Victoria. Happy travels and cheers from a fellow Melbourne blogger. 🙂


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