The Great Ocean Road


Finally, the real start to our great adventure! Now that we were on wheels we raced out of the city, watching the landscape drastically change as we moved towards the open air. We weren’t really sure what to expect other than what the road name suggests, so when we got to see the beauty that this route offers, we almost couldn’t believe it.


Along the winding roads we passed through quaint little towns such as Lorne, Apollo Bay, and Port Campbell (where we stopped for a quick lunch). After a bite to eat we drove through Cape Otway National Park, stopping plenty of times along the way at various lookout spots, each one as stunning as the next.


We didn’t want to rush our Great Ocean Road-trip, so we decided to camp overnight. We somehow managed to (accidentally) find a campsite called ‘Bimbi Park’. This was the cheapest and potentially the best place that we stayed during our whole time in Australia, mainly because it was so stunning and untouched. As you make your way down Bimbi Park’s long driveway you are protected by a vast canopy of trees, and if you look closely enough, you can see Koala Bears nestled away in the branches – need I say more?!

The Entrance To Bimbi Park Campground

Bimbi itself is very simple, but very beautiful. It’s all about wild horses and unspoilt nature – heaven. My only advice would be to take firewood as it is freezing at night. You can buy firewood at the reception but as we unfortunately discovered, it is very expensive. Another thing to bear in mind is that it costs a dollar per minute to shower as water is scarce in the area – so wash your hair beforehand!

The View From Our Camping Spot

Revived and ready to go the next morning, we wound our way to the famous Twelve Apostles. This landmark does not disappoint, it is breathtaking. However, it is hugely overcrowded which detracted our attention away from the natural wonder somewhat. Believe it or not, elbows were involved in taking the picture below!

The Twelve Apostles

As per the advise of the lovely receptionist at Bimbi, we continued driving a short while further to a place called ‘The Grotto’. The Grotto was much quieter tourist-wise, and it was simply beautiful. An absolute must-see if you are planning on doing this journey yourself. We also stopped at a few other places such as the bay of islands, but nothing compared to The Grotto, it was definitely our favourite!

The Grotto
The Bay of Islands

If you are even considering this trip, I would highly recommend it! After months of travelling, the Great Ocean Road is still one of our highlights.

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