A hidden gem located in Croajingolong National Park. With time on our side we had the chance to take each day as it came, so when we stumbled across Mallacoota we were more than happy to stay for a few days.

The Campsite
We stayed in A’Wangralea Caravan Park for a few nights (no, I’m not sure how you pronounce it either!). It’s a very small campground but it has homely bathrooms and a great outdoor kitchen area with communal barbecues; plus all the regulars were really friendly. The best part of our stay was watching the wild kangaroos hop through the campground at night, that’s something you don’t see too often!

Betka Beach
We spent a whole day at this stunning scenic beach. It has a picnic area and small car park, but it certainly wasn’t overcrowded. You can see where the ocean meets the river and cuts right across the sand with the turning of the tide. It’s a great place for young kids as they can swim in shallower waters without the waves pushing them around. Just make sure that you don’t get stuck on the other side of the river mouth, it gets pretty deep!


Secret Beach
We drove as far down the road as we could, but the only way to access this amazing little spot is on foot. The day that we went exploring it was really cloudy, which only enhanced the drama of this rustic little beach. Complete with a sea cave and some staggering rock formations, what more could you want in a beach?!


Shipwreck Creek
If you plan on visiting this little landmark, prepare yourself. It’s a very long drive down an unfinished track – potholes galore! Make sure that you visit when the tide is out, as otherwise you can’t actually see the shipwreck… We found this out the hard way.

Walking Down By The Creek

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