Sydney AustraliaSydney, we have arrived! I’m not sure about anyone else, but whenever I think about Australia the Opera house always springs to mind. So, to actually see it face to face was pretty surreal. When we first arrived in this big city, we decided to walk across the Harbour bridge, just because it seems like the done thing. Now I don’t mean to be rude, but the harbour bridge is actually pretty ugly! Plus it was gale force winds when we were up there, so I must shamefully admit that we turned around halfway and came back. Don’t worry – we did manage to snap some pictures whilst we were up there!

Sydney Opera House Australia

Somewhat defeated, we meandered through the city and made our way to the Circular Quay. The Circular Key is one of the main hubs in Sydney; there are numerous Water Taxi’s passing through, countless quayside restaurants and bars, and of course it’s home to the famous Opera House. We enjoyed a late lunch at one of restaurants (a pretty nice pizza), but it was the views that we enjoyed the most. Thanks to our al fresco dining experience we were able to see Sydney life in action; tourists, workers, and ladies who lunch (to name but a few).

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

After lunch and a good old fashioned people watching session, we walked over to the Opera House and took some classic touristy shots. It was very impressive and I would love to see a concert there one day. They also have a wonderful bar sort of underneath (it’s hard to explain), but you can sit right by the water with your drinks and take in one of the best views in the city. Which we did, many times. Also it isn’t extortionately overpriced given that it’s situated next to such a famous landmark – take note London!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Unfortunately we weren’t actually staying in Sydney, so we left a lot of rocks unturned as we nipped in and out of the City. Other than pootling around the Circular Key and a little window shopping, we only managed to make time for a water taxi trip over to Luna Park (you have take the water taxi at least once!); a flying visit over to Darling Harbour (another selection of waterside restaurants and bars); and of course a gorgeous sunny day exploring Bondi Beach. There is still so much for us to see in Sydney – we will definitely be back!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House Australia

Darling Harbour Australia

Bondi Beach Australia

If you have any suggestions for our next trip to Sydney, please do let me know in the comments section! 

8 thoughts on “Sydney

  1. Come to the northern beaches! Ferry ride over to manly from circular quey! Also next time you go to Bondi, the bondi to bronte walk is great and the ice burgs restaurant over the water is amazing! You would love manly.

    There is never ending things to do in the city.

    Loved your photos and I totally have your blue jump suit! 🙂 x


    1. Thanks for your suggestions!! We actually did try get to Manly on Christmas Day but I think we ended up at the wrong beach haha! Would love to do the walk but our camper van was holding us back in that regard – maybe next time!

      I can’t wait to go back already. Thanks so much for the lovely comment! That’s so funny, I love that jumpsuit, zara are so great xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post. We absolutely loved Sydney so look forward to hearing more from your travels! I’ve only one post on Sydney thus far; an epic Sydney Opera House fail… make sure you avoid this one! Lovely photos too- we never crossed the bridge (other than in a mini bus) but looking back at the bridge and Opera House is phenomenal view (just another reason to go back!)!


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