Windsor, Australia

Viewpoint Windsor Australia

Due to the busy festive season we sadly had to say goodbye to Bulli Beach. We packed up our camper and made our way to a funny little town called Windsor. I found this all the more bizarre as in England I live very near to Windsor – the difference being that the Queen lives in my version of it and therefore it’s always bustling with tourists.

Windsor, Australia couldn’t be more different. From what we could see it’s home to a teeny little high street, a few fast food places, and not much else. We were sick of fast food, but the only other option seemed to be pub food (and I have a serious aversion to pub food). We wandered around a while longer, until we spotted a smallish restaurant down a side street and decided to investigate. As we stepped through the front door, we found ourselves transported to an alternate reality.

We discovered that we were in a place called Biviano’s. It was a lot fancier than we had anticipated and we definitely stood out in our post-beach attire. It was also quite pricey but we thought ‘hey, it’s Christmas’ and all budgeting went out of the window for a few blissful hours. Thank goodness. Perhaps it was because we had been living on pasta and beans, but the food was absolutely melt-in-your-mouth divine. Mike treated himself to the most velvety beef fillet, topped with mushroom sauce, garlic mash and spinach. I indulged in the lemon sole; perfectly grilled in white wine, olive oil and lemon – magnifique!

We honestly couldn’t have rated the food any more highly, this place is definitely a hidden gem and I am SO glad we were able to find it. Truth be told, we revisited later on in the week and had the same again! Unfortunately, I was too involved in eating to actually take any pictures of this momentous occasion, but here is a link to their website so you can see for yourselves!

Have you ever been to Windsor, Australia? I’d love to know! 

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