Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

IMG_5837.jpgWe decided to make a stop at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on our way up the coast, as we gained an hour just from driving upwards (who knew Australia was that big?!). Best decision ever. I had done a little research beforehand and I had actually prepared to give this detour a miss depending on time restrictions. Thankfully, we made it and we loved it.

The Sanctuary is a pretty small place, quite similar in size to Bali Zoo but otherwise totally different. The animals who live in Currumbin are typically Australian (quel surprise), so we obviously had to see them. Upon first entering, you can spy on cute Koala bears just hanging out in their trees. A word of wisdom: there are plenty of other koalas in the sanctuary for you to meet and greet (so don’t worry about how crowded this first section is).


Next stop: Kangaroos. There are a few different types of Kangaroo hopping around, and the babies were adorably fluffy. For just a few dollars you can buy a cup full of kanga snacks and little Joey will eat right out of your hand! A bit alarming at first, but a pretty cool experience for those of us who have never been up close and personal with a Kangaroo. My only advice: If they don’t look interested, they aren’t interested – move on! How would you feel being fed all day every day?! Poor guys need a bit of a break…

Mike The Kangaroo Expert
Yes My Mouth Is Wide Open In Shock

After playing with/feeding our new friends we wandered around looking at crocs and a few exotic birds, not your every day musings. The sanctuary also has ‘shows’ on at certain times where you can watch particular animals being fed, but this is mainly for the entertainment of little ones.

IMG_2111Last but not least, my favourite part of the day. Cuddling Koalas: a highlight of Australia and a definite must-do. The only way to score yourself a cuddle is to pay for a picture with one of the little softies (it’s about $25). We didn’t mind paying as it means the Koalas aren’t handled by everyone, plus, the piccie preserves the memory forever. Granted, we had to pay for two separate photos so that we could both have a turn…but we have no regrets. They are so warm and fuzzy!

Round Two



Little Baby

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