Noosa Main Beach AustraliaNext up: Noosa. Did we know what to expect? No not at all; but often that’s how the best stories begin! We drove into Noosa or Noosa Heads as it is called now – I have no idea which part the ‘Heads’ covers or why. If you have ever visited, or ever plan to, you will likely find yourself driving along Noosa parade, surrounded by water and the dreamiest houses: the first glimpse of what’s to come.

Noosa Main Beach AustraliaIt was definitely more upmarket and modern than we expected; we soon got the impression that it is a sophisticated holiday spot for Aussies looking to kick back (even more so than usual).

Noosa very quickly became one of our favourite places in Australia. With countless inviting eateries to choose from the whole place has a really great atmosphere. It’s the perfect mixture of relaxation and fun, and for this reason it reminded me of holidaying in Majorca or Ibiza.

Palm Trees Noosa Main Beach AustraliaBefore really settling in, we had to find a campsite. Sadly for us, the money bucket was running very, very dry by this stage and we knew we had to reign things in. You know what that means, time for another free campsite! This one was only a short drive from the glitz and glam of Noosa heads and really was fine apart from the bathroom facilities (that’s right, I was treated to yet another long drop). On the plus side, the luxury of Noosa itself was all the more inviting.

We had initially arrived late afternoon and so didn’t do much exploring straight away. I must admit we had a pretty tame first night in the campervan (understatement). We feasted on five dollar dominos pizzas (needs must), and tried to avoid the other free campers (you don’t even want to know), though one did kindly knock on our tin roof and invite us to share his homemade cocktail. I know, I am such a party pooper. It wasn’t until the next morning that we headed back into town and to the beach.

Noosa Main Beach AustraliaThe beach is brilliant. Busy, but brilliant. Handily, restaurants and bars line the beachfront – so you need not venture far for an ice cream or glass of vino. #Priorities.

The waves were fairly intense when we were there, so loads or heaps if you’re an Aussie of surfers and body boarders were frolicking about. If you’re like us and seriously lack surfing experience – wave jumping in Noosa is thoroughly enjoyable too and requires no real skill. Hoorah!

Noosa Main Beach AustraliaAt the very start of the main beach, you will spot Noosa Surf Club. This Club is recommended in a few travel guidebooks, so we headed over there for a basic burger lunch, and for Mike to shelter after burning his eyelids. Yep, you heard me.

The views overlooking the beach are fantastic and we had no complaints about the food. They also have public showers downstairs which was perfect as it meant we didn’t have to drive all the way back to the campsite to change at the end of a hot sandy day. Before visiting, we were under the impression that this was a pretty classy and exclusive place, but we found it quite the opposite – in true Aussie style it was totally chilled and anyone was welcome. A great stop off for a casual bite to eat, but I would recommend trying one of the other restaurants if you’re after something special.

Noosa Main Beach AustraliaIt’s important to note that there are plenty of fine dining experiences on offer in Noosa – so don’t panic and pick the first place you see! Take a wander down Hastings Street and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Our favourite place was called Miss Moneypenny’s, where we enjoyed everything from their salt and pepper squid to their woodfired pizzas (very different to the aforementioned dominos). It’s a very open, airy restaurant; but whether you dine in or out, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Noosa Town Centre AustraliaAs I said, there were so many other places that we didn’t have the budget chance to try out, but it all looked very inviting. I’d love to hear what your favourite restaurant is in Noosa!

This wonderful place is also home to its own National Park and Botanic Gardens, however I’m afraid we didn’t make it there this time around. Just another excuse to go back…as if I needed one ;).

2 thoughts on “Noosa

    1. Hi Kelsey,
      Thanks for your comment! I’m so jealous that you live out there, it’s amazing! Do you have any places you would recommend, for next time I go? Would be great to get some insider tips xx


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