Daniel Wellington’s World of Watches: A Review

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Watch

Okay, let’s get real. It’s almost impossible to open up your instagram feed and not see a sponsored post of some sort. Be it a pretty little creative flatlay, or a signature hipster coffee shop – you can bet your bottom dollar that a brand or two will be tagged. One of the brands I see most often is Daniel Wellington, so I wanted to offer my two cents.

Honestly, it can be incredibly annoying. But done in the right way, it’s a highly effective (less annoying) marketing strategy. And for that I applaud you Daniel Wellington. Your watches are now ubiquitous, and I think that’s pretty smart.

As a travel enthusiast, I really appreciate that the images featured on the @danielwellington Instagram account are all travel/lifestyle related. So much so, that I have actually brought it up in a job interview before. It’s a genius strategy which doesn’t make us feel as though you are constantly pushing product upon us, whilst simultaneously highlighting to our subconscious how intrinsic timepieces are in every day life.

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Watch and deer
Casually deer watching, excuse the poor quality photography from my other half 😉

Now, I’m not going to insult your intelligence and tell you these are the greatest watches in the world, and I will never wear another watch brand again – because that simply isn’t the truth and I’m not a fibber. What I will say is they are elegant, easy to wear, lightweight, and totally affordable.

For travel, these watches are ideal. The faces are sleek, and the straps interchangeable – which means you can mix and match your watch to any look. And what’s not to love about that?! Yes, I do match my watches to my outfits and no, i’m not ashamed to say it.

The fact that they are lightweight is perfect for someone on the move. I don’t mean this in the sense that a heavier watch would weigh you down, but more that they are not fussy or clunky. They won’t catch on things, you won’t noticeably knock them around. In fact, You’ll barely feel that you’re wearing a watch at all… That being said if you do knock it/break it/smash it/accidentally get in the pool with it and it stops working forevermore – it’s not the end of the world. The price point of these timepieces is enough to make you say DAMN, but not enough for you to lose sleep over it.

Conclusion? There are many reasons why Daniel Wellington are one of the most popular kids on the block, but I just wanted you to know that there is really no reason why they shouldn’t be. There are no tricks here, and the advertising is genuine. So yes, I do like a lot of things about the Daniel Wellington watches. But most of all, I like their marketing strategy.

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Watch and flowers

FYI – the watch in my pictures is from their brand spanking new Classic Petite range. You can get 15% off anything on their site from now until the end of June, just use the code OLIVIAMCCORMICK15 et voila!

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