Journey Between the North and South Islands of New Zealand

Marlborough Sounds New ZealandIf you are a New Zealand novice, you may have heard people differentiating between the North and South Island’s of New Zealand. In truth, both islands are very different, with many people describing the South as the most picturesque of the two. What you may or may not have a given thought, is how to actually get between the islands.

Let me start with a little confession. I’ve been trying to write this post for a ridiculously long time and just could not get around to finishing it. What’s the problem? I was bored. I tried to be informative and useful, and clearly that just ain’t my thing. Honestly, I hate reading preachy posts by people who seem like experts but definitely aren’t. And I am not afraid to admit that I am no expert. I did this trip once, and all I can really do now is recommend the great experience I had. Well, here I go, with a very short and hopefully insightful little post.

You have two ways to travel between the islands: by plane, or by boat. Travelling by plane is far quicker, it should take around half an hour to fly between Wellington (bottom of the North Island) and Blenheim (top of the South Island), whereas the ferry will take just over 3 hours. 

View From New Zealand FerryMy advice? If you have the time, take the ferry. Especially if it’s your journey through New Zealand. You may have heard pesky travellers tell tales about the Milford Sound, but perhaps you don’t have the budget, or the sunshine to see for yourselves. Well let me tell you my friends, the ferry ride between islands will take you straight through the Marlborough Sounds. Otherwise known as the next best thing.

Between North and South Islands New ZealandI hardly think it needs pointing out, but this kind of natural beauty is something to cherish. Make the most of it! Don’t fret about the next part of the journey, or sit inside with a ridiculously overpriced coffee. Get out there and marvel.

Marlborough Sound New ZealandBefore you know it, you’ll find yourselves pulling into Picton and onto the next leg of your journey. But I can guarantee those views will stay in your mind for a while.

Anyway, I told you this would be short and sweet, but I hope it was a little helpful despite being completely biased ;). For a more informative post, including prices, click here or here – Bon Voyage!

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