Wants Of The Week: The Shoe Edit

It would appear that I find it much easier to crack out these wishlists than to post my travel writing… anyway, this one is dedicated to fancy footwear. I hope you enjoy, but if you don’t feel free to head on over to my latest travel post which is an entirely different, less glamorous tone – I’m a multi-faceted woman you know ;).

The Mules

The silhouette of the season as far as footwear is concerned, everyone is going wild for a good old mule. Here are a few of my faves:

These black suede Club Monaco sandals are perfect for a summer’s eve. Alternatively, if you’re more into flats, why not add a pop of colour, or even some glitter?


The Even Better Mules

A little extra glamour can go a long way… Or perhaps I’m just a lot more into mules than  I thought before I started writing this post. Heyho.


These multi-coloured cut-out numbers are so effing cool and will take you from daytime to playtime. If you’re after something a little more classic, then go for gold. And last but certainly not least, the burgundy beauties; I mean, how could you not want them?!

The Espadrilles

Appealing to my inner boho beach babe, I do love a good espadrille. These Roger Vivier canvas flats are elegant and casual all at the same time. The Dalmatian print espadrilles to the right are certainly more out there, but I’ve been lusting after them ever since meeting the lovely and talented founder of Clifton Fourth.


The Sneakers

In England we call them trainers, but either way I don’t really wear them…particularly if I’m not actually exercising. If I were to make an exception, it would likely only be for ones like these.

These metal-tipped Miu Miu slip ons are both comfortable and chic, whilst the chunkier Gucci sneakers actually have a little ladybird on the other side, how cute.

The Workwear

Goodbye basic court shoes, hellooooo to the pep in your step during those crucial working hours. Granted, the below may not be for everyone, but if you’re feeling a little adventurous, these will do the trick. They’re formal and fun!

Ok I’ll admit, I snuck another mule in there. They’re just so pretty! As for the slingbacks, I can’t decide between the staple black and white, or the sheer dotty ones. Naturally I’ve opted to keep both on the list.


The Party Piece



I can’t begin to describe my love for the shoes pictured here. It’s like all my childhood dreams have come true and been made accessible to my adult self. The stars, the feathers, the GLITTER – it’s all a bit much. But never too much. Bonus points for the pom poms!

The Flats

Because sometimes, you just want to be comfortable and be able to walk quickly.

You may or may not have noticed by now that I’m kind of into glitter…and stars. At least I’m consistent.


And there you have it folks: my current desires laid out for the world to see. Which of these would make your list?

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