Wants Of The Week: The Shoe Edit

It would appear that I find it much easier to crack out these wishlists than to post my travel writing… anyway, this one is dedicated to fancy footwear. I hope you enjoy, but if you don’t feel free to head on over to my latest travel post which is an entirely different, less glamorous tone – I’m a multi-faceted woman you know ;).

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Wants Of The Week: March 26th

Though I predominantly post about travel, many of you may not know that I actually work in the fashion industry. As I am constantly exposed to the world of luxury goods, I have built up quite the wishlist. Continue reading “Wants Of The Week: March 26th”

Daniel Wellington’s World of Watches: A Review

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Watch

Okay, let’s get real. It’s almost impossible to open up your instagram feed and not see a sponsored post of some sort. Be it a pretty little creative flatlay, or a signature hipster coffee shop – you can bet your bottom dollar that a brand or two will be tagged. One of the brands I see most often is Daniel Wellington, so I wanted to offer my two cents.

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