Kaiteriteri, New Zealand

Kaiteriteri New ZealandHaving finally recovered from the flu, we rejoined the Kiwi Bus and headed for a place called Kaiteriteri. For those of you who have never been, it’s a very pretty but very small place to be without your own vehicle. Continue reading


Wine Tasting In Blenheim

Picton New Zealand
Pretty Picton

Finally, the South Island! We bid farewell to the rest of our travel group as soon as we were off the ferry, and made our way separately to a place called Blenheim. This was slightly easier said than done, as the lack of public transportation in Picton on a Sunday is truly astounding. But we made it nonetheless. Continue reading

Journey Between the North and South Islands of New Zealand

Marlborough Sounds New ZealandIf you are a New Zealand novice, you may have heard people differentiating between the North and South Island’s of New Zealand. In truth, both islands are very different, with many people describing the South as the most picturesque of the two. What you may or may not have a given thought, is how to actually get between the islands. Continue reading

48 Hours in Windy Wellington

Wellington Harbour Night Lights New ZealandI’ll be honest, I have no clue why Wellington is so windy, but the nickname does not lie. We stayed in New Zealand’s Capital for two nights, each one very different.

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River valley: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

River Valley New ZealandI think it’s safe to say that I have mixed emotions about River Valley. Whilst it is a particularly beautiful part of the world, I just can’t shake the feeling that the place has a few dark secrets. Perhaps I’m a cynic, or perhaps I have been watching too many thriller’s lately, but still… Let me try to explain. Continue reading

How Not to Spend 48 Hours in Taupo

Huka Falls New Zealand TaupoOkay, okay. Maybe I’m being a little harsh with the title. But I’m sure your visit to Taupo was probably more wow than mine. Continue reading

How To See Rotorua In One Day

Rotorua Museum New ZealandRotorua. Supposedly one of biggest tourist traps on New Zealand’s North Island (wait, what?!). Google this place and you’ll find a plethora of compliments about it, despite that smell. But we’ll get to that later.

I’m willing to bet that when you think ‘New Zealand’, Rotorua is hardly the first place that springs to mind. Though perhaps it should be! Whilst it may be small, the City has an abundance of things to do – you’ll be spoilt for choice. So, let’s get to the good stuff, shall we? Continue reading

Caving in Waitomo? Wai The Heck Not!

Caving in WaitomoSo, you’ve made your way to New Zealand woohoo! You’re keeping an eye out for those funny little Kiwi Birds, or perhaps searching for a glimpse of the big burly All Blacks players. You’ve heard New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world and you’re eager to throw yourself off planes and bridges.

My question to you is this: Why not throw yourself off a waterfall?

Underground. Backwards.

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Cathedral Cove and Hot Water Beach: A Trip Worth Taking

The Sea At Cathedral Cove
Once our little jaunt to the Bay of Islands was over, it was time for us to get back on the dreaded bus. Actually, it wasn’t dreaded just yet, but what’s a little hyperbole between friends? In fact, this journey was the start of some beautiful bus-made friendships. We headed back to Auckland and all bonded over Mexican food and a hostel room with no functioning lights, before getting back on the bus again. Continue reading

A Short Trip to Paihia, The Bay Of Islands

Russell New ZealandThe first day of our real New Zealand adventure had finally arrived! Our Kiwi Experience tickets were ready for action and we were off. In case anybody is unaware, the Kiwi Experience is a hop-on, hop-off bus tour. You select where you would like to go, purchase your ticket and essentially have the freedom to go around and around New Zealand, if that is what your heart desires. The overall ‘experience’ was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, so for now I shall stick to the basics!

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